How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Professional to Clean Your Sofa?

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If you want to get your sofa clean, you should know how much it costs to hire a professional. You can also prepare a spot-removal agent and clean it yourself. Read on to find out how to prepare a spot-removal agent. Before cleaning your sofa, test the cleaning solution on a hidden spot. You can also make your own spot-removal agent to avoid wasting money and time on your couch cleaning project. Read more below:


Professional couch cleaning companies use a dry method to clean a sofa. This method is sophisticated and adds to the cost of sofa cleaning. The cleaning process uses several different cleaning solutions. A dry cleaning method will not only remove dirt and stains from your sofa, but it will also extend the life of leather. For more information about the cost of sofa cleaning, visit Brfservices.com. These professionals can clean any type of fabric.

Sofa cleaning services can be expensive during the holiday season or weekends. It is important to book a sofa cleaning service well in advance to avoid the rush. Another factor that may affect the cost of your sofa cleaning service is whether you choose to apply a stain protector to it. A stain protector can help prevent stains from penetrating the fabric, which can be particularly useful for families with children. Whether you opt for a stain protector or not will depend on the type of fabric you have.


When it comes to cleaning your sofa, there are many methods available. Professional cleaners use a foam sprayer or chemical that encapsulates dirt and stains, and works into the fabric to remove them. The solution is then vacuumed up to reveal a spotless sofa. This method can be used on many types of fabrics, including wood. Chemical cleaning products are also safe to use on most types of furniture. This method takes the least amount of time, and can effectively remove the dirt and grime from your sofa’s upholstery.

You can also use fresh lemon juice to remove stains. Simply apply it on the stained area and gently scrub with a soft brush. After this, use warm water or soapy water to rinse it away. If the stain is made of dye, you can mix a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in two cups of water. The solution should be mixed thoroughly. Once the mixture dries, continue to scrub the spot until the foam subsides.

Pre-testing spot-removal agent

When choosing a spot-removal agent for your sofa cleaning job, it’s important to pre-test it on a small patch of fabric to determine the type of stain you’re dealing with. To pre-test your agent, hold a white cloth over the stain for 10 seconds. If the stain changes color or becomes unsightly, you should not use it. The president of National Pro Clean, Gary Clipperton, suggests testing your spot-removal agent on a small, inconspicuous patch of fabric.

Pre-testing spot-removal agents for sofa cleaning are not much more complicated than pre-spray procedures. These procedures simulate the actual spot removal procedure and look for any changes in the fabric. If the treatment is unsuccessful, the fabric may be worse than it was before. Always use a specialized cleaning product when the fabric is heavily stained or has many stains. By pre-testing, you can ensure that you’re using the most effective spot-removal agent for your sofa cleaning needs.

Cost of hiring a professional couch cleaner

Depending on the type and size of your sofa, hiring a professional couch cleaner may be an option that can save you time and money. On average, a couch cleaning service will charge approximately $155 per piece for basic labor. This price may vary depending on the size of the couch and the amount of dust and other debris. Additionally, the cost of a larger sectional couch may be more expensive than a small couch. Nonetheless, it is worth the cost to avoid a stain-ridden couch that you’re unable to clean yourself.

In addition to offering convenience and a guarantee of quality work, professional couch cleaners understand different types of materials and can use the right cleaning products to make your couch look as good as new. You will find that hiring a professional cleaner is worth the money in the long run because the upholstery is better maintained and will last longer. In addition to being able to relax on a new couch, a cleaner will also enhance the life of your sofa by removing odors and body oils.

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