Making Your Interior Design Dream Come True

Warren Barnes was born to a modest family in segregated southern Alabama and grew up in poverty. Forced to learn on the job, Warren made his own furniture – for the most part, cheap wood products that could be left behind when finished. That’s not how he would remember his personal beginnings: “I made do with whatever was available to me. I learned by mistakes, made by my own imperfections, and created with my own resources, not seeking to reproduce.”

With his love of fine woodworking, Warren began making furniture as a young man in segregated Alabama. Graduating from the University of Alabama with a degree in interior design, Warren earned several titles while working first for a Mobile Home Park Equipment dealer and then for a well-known and respected furniture store in Milwaukee. From there he moved into his own eponymous coffee table and was soon designing and selling his own line of distinctive furniture, all of which gained worldwide recognition.

As an award-winning author, Warren has used his expertise to share his thoughts about making everyday life more beautiful through creative interior design. “We live in an age of extremes,” says Warren. “We’re bombarded by signals, sights, sounds, and information that sometimes conflict with each other. Achieving clarity is a challenge for many people. I believe that true clarity comes from being connected with a mission in your heart and using that guidance as a springboard for interior design.”

Connecting with your heart and representing your unique vision can be a truly difficult task. However, if you’re committed to doing it correctly, it can pay off in unimaginable ways. As an interior designer, your job isn’t so much about creating harmony, but rather about bringing it all together, one unit at a time. Designing your home so that it inspires you is a mission you should be focused on from the very beginning. As you envision your new space, think about how it will influence and connect with you in a positive way.

Visualizing your space won’t be enough on its own. To create unity and harmony, you’ll also need to consider how each piece of furniture will relate to others. Do you have a common theme running throughout your Warren Barnett interiors? Or are you a bit more eclectic with your color choices and textures? If so, take this as an opportunity to practice grouping and proximity matching. Group similar items together and place them in the most logical place to promote visual flow.

The furniture you choose should always enhance your space and not detract from it. While a piece of furniture like a coffee table may grab and hold your eye, if it’s too big or dominates a space, it doesn’t have to be there. Try picking smaller pieces that connect visually with the larger ones, like side tables and couches. Balance the size of a piece of furniture with its surrounding area; don’t overload a small room with too much of a piece. And be sure to keep the overall design theme consistent throughout.

Warren Barnett furniture stores offer a wide variety of styles and finishes to help you achieve the look you want for your interior design needs. For example, if you’re concerned about clutter and want your room to appear more spacious, go with a matte finish that will reflect light and help open up a room. Or if you’re looking for a particular wood grain or texture, check out our selection of dark woods that will really tie your room together. For the best results, try coordinating your paint color and flooring to blend together in the spaces between pieces of furniture.

The entire point of designing an interior design project is to make your place reflect your own unique personality. As you work with one of our experienced professionals, you’ll gain a better understanding of just how much goes into achieving a professional look. From choosing your pieces of furniture to installing them, we can guide every step of the way so that you end up with a finished product that you can be proud of. Whether you are seeking a new home to use as a work space or just a place to entertain, Warren Barnett has just what you need.

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