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lubbock landscaping

A beautiful landscape adds elegance and freshness to any home, and it can even connect people with nature. Therefore, it is essential that a yard is taken care of in order to look its best. A professional landscape designer can help you with your garden design needs and can help you with your creative mind to achieve an aesthetically pleasing garden. Here are some tips to help you decide which landscaping service is right for you. Read on to learn more about the services offered by a reputable landscaping company in Lubbock, Texas

Landscape design

In the town of Lubbock landscaping design is something you can find a variety of different companies offering. One such company is Tom’s Tree Place. Originally a tree-spraying business, Tom’s has expanded to include landscape design and construction. The company’s owner, Alex Scarborough, is a graduate of Texas Tech University. He shares his father’s story. Landscape design in Lubbock is an important part of the city’s revitalization, and it’s important to keep your landscape thriving and beautiful.

Many landscape design companies in Lubbock hire individuals with advanced degrees in architecture and other related fields. Those with these degrees work for a landscape architecture company to develop a comprehensive structural plan, while those with only basic training tend to focus on aesthetics. Local landscape designers, on the other hand, focus on the aesthetic side of yard planning and may specialize in vegetation or hardscape design. You can hire either type of company for your landscaping project.

Low-maintenance landscaping

If you’re looking for the most low-maintenance landscaping in Lubbock, Texas, look no further than your yard. Many of the most stunning landscape designs require little maintenance and can be achieved with just a few key ingredients. No-grass landscaping is becoming increasingly popular in Texas, and can be achieved by replanting your lawn with native plants, mulch, rocks, or hardscape. Although no-grass landscaping is more expensive in the beginning, you can also opt for it if you’re short on time.

Whether you want a simple yard with few plants or a lavishly landscaped yard with thousands of plants, low-maintenance landscaping in Lubbock can help you get the perfect curb appeal. Professional landscaping contractors can help you achieve your goals by incorporating low-maintenance landscaping materials and methods. The services provided by Lubbock landscape companies include landscape design, turf installation, and general gardening. You can even hire them for shrub trimming and natural fences.

Sod webworm control

Sod webworms are insects that infest turfgrass. They live in thatch, which is a layer of soil above the grass blades, and spin a light web of webbing to feed on the undersides of plant leaves. Their damage begins as small brown patches of turf that can quickly grow into large dead patches of grass. Sod webworm infestations affect virtually every type of turfgrass, but they are most common in areas that get direct sunlight, such as south-facing slopes.

To treat your sod webworm infestation, you may want to use a pesticide, such as Bacillus thuringiensis. This bacterium, which comes in a liquid spray, can kill sod webworms. However, it is important to use a solution with a low residual rate. Another solution is to use beneficial nematodes to control sod webworms. These nematodes feed on sod webworm larvae and will naturally deter them from feeding on your lawn.

Hardscape design

If you’re looking for a design company to complete your landscape project in Lubbock, TX, you’ve come to the right place. TWT Property Management Services LLC offers a wide variety of landscaping services, including hardscape design. They are committed to using eco-friendly practices and are proud to use a variety of plant materials. To enhance the beauty of your home and yard, the firm also offers farm fencing and trailer rentals.

Landscape architects are the professionals to call if you are looking for an exceptional hardscape design for your property. These professionals are trained in creating a variety of landscape designs that enhance the beauty of a property. They also offer watering and lighting services, which help to make the landscape look its best. These professionals will also help you plan your landscaping project, including deciding on the right plants and hardscape materials to use.

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